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4 seconds...

... that's all you have to grab their attention.

Write copy that captivates your audience and inspires sales. 

Intelligent Copywriting


  • Website Pages

  • Email Welcome Sequence

  • Email Launch Sequence

  • Product Descriptions

  • Opt-in Pages

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Headlines, Taglines, & Slogans


  • Social Media Posts

  • Blogs/Articles

  • Email Newsletters

  • Podcast or Video Scripts

  • E-books

  • Lead Magnets

Copy that's laser-focused on stirring your audience into action.

What makes it 'intelligent'?

Intelligent copywriting is based on consumer psychology & persuasive writing; it builds meaningful relationships with your audience via empathy and the understanding of their needs.

It's copywriting based on research & analysis; it combines elements of both the Customer Profile Emotive Branding Sessions to create a voice tailored to your audience.



Let your copy generate conversations that speak directly to your core audience's beliefs and values, absorbing their attention and occupying their mind.

What to Expect:

  • 1-hour Session (video call)

    - Objective Setting

    - Customer Profiling
    - Brand Voice Planning

  • Copy Plan Review

  • 1st Delivery

  • Copy Refinement

  • Final Delivery

Price: (Starting At) 


This is intended for:

  • Founders who understand the importance of great copy but don't have the capacity to manage it

  • StartUps who want to humanise their brand voice (and need help getting there)

  • Teams who don't have the capacity to prioritise their copy and content writing

  • Industry professionals who are happy with their marketing strategy but feel the psychology of persuasive writing is beyond their skillset

To find out more about this session, get in touch at:

Want to become a better copywriter?

Upgrade your sales approach by writing 'customer-first' copy...


... learn how to create a brand voice that speaks to your audience as individuals.


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