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Finding it difficult to create a brand identity?

Are you struggling to cultivate meaningful relationships with your customers?

Do you want to increase your customer lifecycle value?

Emotive Branding Session

In this session, we will build a brand strategy based on:

  • A brand story that captivates your customers

  • Motivating factors to induce brand loyalty

  • Long-term relationship building

  • Becoming a leading brand in your industry


Start building long-term relationships by becoming a brand that embodies the values and beliefs your audience holds dear.

Session Contents

  • Brand Equity Analysis


  • Brand Reasoning


  • Your Brand Elevator Test


  • Brand Sentence


  • Brand Adjective


  • Customer Roadmapping


  • Competitors Vs Brand Equity


  • Brand Voice & Message


  • Branding For Tomorrow

What to Expect:

  • 2-hour Session (video call)

  • Tailored Brand Strategy

  • Roadmapping Implementation Plan

  • 3 x 'Follow-Up' progress calls

Price: £595

This is intended for:

  • Founders dedicated to building a sustainable brand destined for long-term growth

  • Teams experiencing a high churn rate needing to increase their customer lifecycle value

  • Industry professionals who want to develop a self-sustaining brand community

To find out more about this session, get in touch at:

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