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Are you struggling to identify who your most valuable customer is?

Are you spending precious budget on unclear marketing campaigns?

To what level of granularity can you describe your priority market?

Customer Profiling Session

In this session we will create granular descriptions of your priority audience(s) informing you:

  • Where to find them

  • When to contact them

  • How to speak to them

  • How to sell to them


Define who your audience is and acquire better customers who cherish your product. 

Session Contents

  • Ideal Customer Profile
    (1-3 profiles)


  • A Day In The Life
    (1-3 profiles)


  • Questioning Assumptions

  • Touchpoint Planning 

  • Introductory Brand Voice

  • Prospect Conversion

What to Expect:

  • 2-hour Session (video call)

  • Tailored Hyper Profiling Strategy

  • Roadmapping Implementation Plan

  • 3 x 'Follow-Up' progress calls

Price: £495

This is intended for:

  • Founders who need a early-stage sales strategy to solidify product-market fit

  • Teams experiencing sales funnel drop-off that need to refocus their sales process

  • Management intent on improving their product offering and increasing their conversion rate

To find out more about this session, get in touch at:

Enjoy a free session with David...

"Who exactly is your most valuable customer?"

In this session you will discover:

  • Who they are

  • Where to find them

  • What they want to hear

  • How they want to hear it



  • 30 minute video call

  • Working through the 'Ideal Customer Profile' exercise together

  • Receive insights, recommendations (and how to action them) via email

To find out more about what to expect, read this blog post.


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