Write Copy That Converts With A Feature/Benefits Matrix

Updated: Jun 3

How to persuade customers with a benefits-based marketing message...

Copywriting that focus on how your product improves your customer’s life convinces them that it will improve their life. So start prioritising benefits over features.

Here’s a quick visual definition of how features and benefits differ:

Features are something your product has, benefits are the expected outcomes of using the product.

Let’s describe a feature as what something is, whereas a benefit is the problem your product solves.

Think of the iPod… 1000 songs on a handheld device without the need to carry around 100 CDs. The iPod physically dematerialised portable music, and the benefit to consumers was ultimate convenience. The electronics industry had spent decades developing portable music players only for Apple to swoop in and own the market (the product development was seismic, and is still developing. Read more about that here).

How did Apple win? They focused on benefits, not features.

Instead of saying:

They said:

Before I describe a simple exercise in how to write benefits-based copy that converts, I want to make something clear. The benefits are the primary reason a prospect will buy your product. When it comes to purchasing, people are self-centred. They want things that solve their problems. The 5 magic words in sales are “What’s in it for me?”, and I implore you to think of this question whenever you are writing your sales and marketing copy.

Let “what’s in it for me?” be your key copywriting driver.

Okay, exercise time. I’ve modified an original Feature/Benefit matrix as it doesn’t t